Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who runs the club?

Wentworthville Uniting Church Football Club is a not for profit organization run by volunteers. When registering with this club, we require that you contribute to the maintenance and values of the club by complying with policies, procedures and codes of conduct.

This contribution is important to support the Club to ensure that all players enjoy their football safely, learn the game and benefit from playing a team sport.

Wentworthville Unting Church Football Club Committee meetings are held at various times during the season. All parents and players are welcome to attend.


Q: What Association does Wentworthville Uniting Church Football Club play in?

Under 6-12 age groups play in Church Football Association Sydney (CFA Sydney)

Under 13-17 age groups play in Granville District Soccer Football Association

All Age Ladies play in Blacktown/Granville District Soccer Football Association

All Age Men play in Church Football Association Sydney (CFA Sydney)


Q: When does the season start?

Pre season trial matches and grading starts in Feb-March before that years season starts.

The season starts on 30 March 2019.


Q When does the season finish?

Generally the season is finished by September. (But if washout during semi finals season maybe extended.


Q: When and where are games played?

  • Juniors Mixed Saturday mornings/early afternoon. . (Some Granville District Assoc. games are played on Sunday to catch up any wash outs on Saturday)
  • All Age Men Saturday afternoon.
  • All Age Ladies Sunday afternoons

Fixtures are organized by local Association & will be available on our website with additional links to the respective Football Association

We play home and away matches, approximately half the games are at our home grounds (Freame Park or Jones Park).

You will need to arrange transport to and from games.


Q: When will my child train?

Training times will be organised by the team coach. Teams usually train a minimum of once per week. Training times will vary by age and training sessions are held at Freame Park or Jones Park.

Parents are encouraged to assist the coach in training for younger teams.


Q: What is the minimum age for registration

We accept registrations for children who turn 5 years old in the year of competition.


Q: My child is young and hasn’t played football before – how can he/she get started?

Under 6-7 age groups play on a mini field. (Modified Rules)

Under 8-9 age groups play on the full field. But play from goal box to goal box. (Modified Rules)

Under 10 to All Age play on full field. (Some Junior teams still have modified rules)


Q: What age group will my child play in?

The age group is calculated on the age your child turns by the end of the calendar year. So under 12’s must not be older than 12 by 31 December. Normally a player registers to play in his/her age group.


Q: Can my child play in a team with his/her friends?

For younger children our policy is to wherever possible place friends in the same team.

When there is an opportunity to participate in a higher graded team to help player development, we will ask if players would like to be re-allocated accordingly.


Q: When will I know what team my child is in?

Following grading and registration, players will then be assigned to teams. This information will be announced via the coach prior to the start of the season.


Q: What equipment do I need to buy?

All players are supplied with a playing Shorts, Socks and Playing Shirt. (Playing shirts remain the property of Wentworthville Uniting Church FC and should be returned to the club at the end of the playing season)

All players need to supply their own Shin pads and boots.

Children can’t train or play without boots and shin-pads.


Q: What do my fees pay for?

Our fees include a levy to Governing Bodies, injury insurance and team and individual registration fees to local Associations, match Fees, utility costs, team & ground equipment, presentation day fees, as well as general administration costs of running a club.


Q: What are the requirements of parents?

Parent participation is essential in supporting and assisting in the running of the club and its amenities (Each team is on canteen/BBQ duty at least once sometimes more during the season. Nets & Goals will need to be put up by the first team on the field prior to the first game and then taken down by the last team on the field.

It is also up to each junior players parents to get their child to every game and training. If you are not able to do that, It is every easy to organize a carpool with other parents from the team. Team coach/manager must be told if players can’t make games or training.

Adults may also be required to referee games in the absence of an allocated match official. Your team manager will let you know of other roles that require parent involvement for your team to compete throughout the season.


Q: What are the consequences of on or off field inappropriate behavior?

All players, team officials and spectators are required to adhere to the codes of conduct, rules, regulations, conditions and decisions of Local Associations and Wentworthville Uniting Church Football Club – please take time to read these documents on the club’s website. Football NSW has a Zero Tolerance Policy for inappropriate behavior by players, officials and spectators, particularly in relation to negative behavior towards referees. ( And anyone else at a match.)


Q: If I decide to withdraw after registering, can I get a refund?

All requests for refund of fees must be submitted in writing to the Secretary stating the reasons for the request. The Management Team will consider such requests and where fees can be refunded amounts will be deducted for costs already occurred. Local Associations will not refund their component of the total fee once a player has featured on the team list for trial/competition matches.

Any refund given by WUFC will be minus cost of uniform handed out.

No refunds will be given where we have clearly stated that a payment is “non refundable”.


Q: Who do I talk to if I have suggestions or complaints?

If you have a suggestion, concern or complaint, first port of call is your team manager, who may be able to assist and/or pass on your issue(s) to the Management Team for action. Please do not contact Local Associations direct, as they have made it clear that they will not respond to any communication unless it is from our Club Secretary.

Q: What if I have more questions?

As the pre-season period is extremely busy for the Club officials, please check the club website to see if the required info is available there. If it is not, feel free to contact the club. Please also be aware that all Management Team members have jobs and families and are involved in the Club on a voluntary basis.


Q: Where can I get information throughout the year?

All information is available on this website & social media.

You can find us on facebook: